A Look Inside StreetLove Magazine 53

When it comes to print publications covering what once was “Hip Hop culture” and highlighting the various elements, only the world of Graffiti and art still remains to be a regularly circulating entity in the physical world. Growing up in Philly and being around graffiti before the term Hip Hop existed to describe a culture, I’ve always had a love for the art and lifestyle of those artists who breath it daily. But I also have love for those who still go the extra mile with putting together content and publishing issues which is definitely a difficult task in today’s digital era.

I was recently interviewed and featured in one of the finest graff magazines around, Germany’s StreetLove Magazine along with the legendary Bates who graced the cover, Kid Kash 78 and more.  Peep a few pages then grab you a copy for your coffee table and enjoy while spending the afternoon reading.