Catch Of The Day

“fish, which is my favorite dish” – Eric B & Rakim (Paid In Full)

There’s something about enjoying the catch of the day as it’s caught fresh out of the ocean earlier that morning. That’s the way food should be served especially seafood, fresh, never frozen or transported 1000 miles away causing it to lose whatever local flavor it once had.  As a global DJ and food lover, I’ve always found the best way to bond with the locals in whatever country that you are in is through food and a cold beer.  I’ve met some of the most interesting people with amazing stories and conversations that quite possibly might not have been sparked if it wasn’t for the common bond over a meal.  One of my favorite places as you probably already know is Japan where going out to eat with friends is more popular than staying home and fixing dinner alone and one of my favorite places is a small restaurant a few stops away from Musashi Nakahara station that has the best tuna. But what really makes the place special are the locals who have been going there for years and the friends that you meet up with to enjoy a few laughs with after long day.