The Drop – Burger ‘N’ Go (Toulouse, France)

If you’ve been following me over the years then you will indeed know my love of a great burger and for the last 12+ years have been on a quest to find the finest beef restaurants have to offer.  In addition to many of the photos of burgers from across the globe that I have posted, you’ve probably seen promo for my new video series, The Drop – A Conversation Over Beef which I’ve been working on to bring to life but more on that later so stay tuned.

While in Toulouse France earlier this year to play the Boogie Down 7th Anniversary party alongside resident DJ and all around thoroughbred Gones Perso, he knew that I was on my burger quest told me that he knew the perfect spot to take me which was Burger N’ Go.  After walking up and seeing the line out the door with people waiting to get a seat, I knew we were in the right place, plus they keep very short ours, closing at 2pm on a Saturday definitely means get in early.  The burger didn’t disappoint and was definitely lived up to the high recommendation of my DJ brethren.  Whenever ordering, I always go for the signature burger because if you can’t get that right, then you shouldn’t be in business.  In this case, an amazing flattop prepared piece of beef topped packed with just the right amount of juice so there’s no need for ketchup, topped with fresh mozzarella on a seeded bun which soaked up the juice perfectly without causing the bread to be go soggy. For the side, you can never go wrong with golden to a crisp fries, lightly salted and a classic Coke in a glass bottle.

If you’re ever in Toulouse, Burger N’ Go it the place for you, but get there early!