Boora – The Art of 10 Seconds

Instrumental LPs seem to really be making their way to the forefront especially during a time when finding the right MC’s have become a difficult task.  We’ve featured quite a few here at Nostalgia King over the last year from varying parts of the globe but today we take it to Russia to check out Boora and his new LP, “The Art of 10 Seconds”.

The title comes from and pays homage to the legendary E-MU SP1200 and it’s limited but still workable 10 seconds of sample time. On his Boora’s latest release, he explores samples from Soviet Jazz archives of the 60’s and 70’s, scientific documentaries, folk music and sounds of nature.  The LP is cinematic and melodic, yet peaceful in every way that it paints a serene picture that almost puts the listener into a trance.

Check out the short instrumental film and sound clips below then head over to KingUnderground for the goods.