Cocaine Biceps – Coke Casa (Bozack Morris Remix)

Toronto’s GGBR label has become one of those labels that you need to keep an eye on or else you’ll miss a release that dropped in the middle of the night to have you kicking yourself. Always coming correct with the ill cassette mixtapes (see Big Jacks and Bozack Morris) as well as their 7″ Hip Hop joints, the latest drop comes via the Cocaine Biceps Signature Label Collection with a snifftastic double side of white from Hus Kingpin featuring an ill remix from Toronto’s goto producer for that deep cinematic sh*t, Bozack Morris (on the beats!).  Need a hit of that goodness, then that “Coka Casa” might be just what the street pharmacist ordered. The flip, “Serotonin High” featuring Milano Constantine with DJ Q-Bert on the cuts is another flows in the same vein as the above prescribed dosage. Take in moderation for less chance of od’ing.