Dogs & Digs

If you’re like myself and many other record collectors out there, then you will indeed have a soft spot for your furry companion also known as man’s best friend and in this case, woman’s best friend which is the subject of our very first Dogs & Digs.  As a dog lover, I’ve been wanting to give shine to many of the people that I’ve have built relationships with over there years who also share those same bonds between dog and records so what better time than now!? Besides, we’d much rather be around vinyl and dogs more than other human beings anyway.

Our first featured guest from Washington, DC is Instragram’s Rudy The Music Dog who loves relaxing in the record room listening to the selections chosen by @mskungfubokchoy, one of our favorite people on IG who has a great collection and impeccable taste in what she listens to. Rudy is 6 month old Chihuaha-Terrier mix and a rescue who has found the perfect place to call home. Be sure to follow both on IG for your daily smiles.