Dusty Donuts 013 – I Don’t Understand Love

As a DJ and all around music lover, over the last few years my face as been all smiles with the amount of releases that have been coming out that touch my soul in a certain nostalgic kind of way.  The Dusty Donuts gang have returned with another double sider that’s definitely piqued my nostalgia and taken my back to the New York City clubs that I frequented so much during an era where the Tunnel, Home Base, The Music, Nell’s, Esso’s and The Arena to name a few would fuse Hip Hop, House, Reggae, R&B and dance classics under one roof to a a pre-gentrified audience that.  For the labels latest release, number 13 which is typically looked at as an unlucky number, this is far from anything of the sort.  Taking two NY classics to the test, Marc Hype and Naughty NMX exhibit reworkings of these staples that should be highly recognizable to those in the know and if you’re not, then you do now!

Add this to the essential in the crates list and grab copies now!