Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Brothers Hypnotic

The Hypnotic Brass Ensemble have released their new LP, Brothers Hypnotic filled to the brim with their signature brass soundsations that have totally captivated ears across the globe. There’s one extra feature which makes this album unique which is it comes packaged with a DVD which tells the story of their lives and who they are and what makes them so special. There’s no shortage of talent and being sons of the legendary Phil Cohran, of Artistic Heritage Ensemble fame and absorbing their father’s sense of spiritual jazz, but also his individuality as well doesn’t hurt either. I

t’s always great to get hear how an artist has progressed over the years but it’s even more interesting when you can visually see and hear the story first hand.  Peep the trailer below which has screened at all of the major film festivals across the world then grab a copy for yourself.