Sample This – 4 45s You Should Be Sampling Drums From

It’s still rather baffling when hearing conversations on the topic of sampling in general but sampling drums especially that heads still don’t get it. On one hand of the spectrum you’ve got people using horrible factory kits and on the other you have people sampling the same old ones that have been done 1000 times over, from Synthetic Substitution to Impeach The President and lets not mention the costs associated with sampling whats been used as much as a tired 42nd Street prostitute and should be free at this point because the f*cking just ain’t as good as when it was fresh.

With the amount of great funk, soul and jazz vinyl releases coming out from independent labels and artists from across the globe, it’s rather odd that producers aren’t digging deeper to find stuff that they could use or is it that most never dug in the first place and went for the same drums that their favorite producers have ran through. In our last segment of Sample This, we dropped 4 LPs that were prime for sampling and this go around we give the drummer some with 4 45’s with tough ass drums.  Some of these have the obvious loop while others are for those that don’t mind filtering and getting it any way you can.

The Zone Identity

Zone Identity

J-Zone is a man that needs no introduction. You may know him as a producer who once sampled plenty of dusty drums in his day but now he’s the supplier of drums who plays live on his ventures.  From The Zone Identity to The Du-Rites and other projects in between, he is the modern day Bernard Purdie or Clyde Stubblefield.

Gold Diamond & Mink

Cold Diamond & Mink

Backing quite a few releases on the Timmion Records label, Gold Diamond & Mink never fail, their drums hit hard and this instrumental version to Bobby Oroza’s “This Love” knocks.



Never sleep on on sweet soul 45s and here is a prime example from Fred with his “Love Can Last Forever” on the Timmion Records subsidiary label, Stylart.  You might want to clear up a little sample time because there’s more than just drums here to catch!

Smith & The Honey Badgers

Smith Honey Badgers

Funk Night Records is known for having drums and the thick sound quality from the final mixes ensures them to have extra umph when playing in a sound system. Catch this wide open loop if you can.



Diggin through psych records always yields something special, weather it be the drums or the other assorted darkness that resides within.  The Delights label has released some great 7″s over the last couple of years with a heavy focus on psych, library and soundtracks and this MNP would sound good running through the SP12.