3 Music Videos You Should Be Watching

I always applaud labels that go the extra mile with their releases but even more so when they put a little extra unleaded in the tank to produce a video to push things across the finish line.  In an era where videos are either reserved for the major label budgets or those who just have the creative thing about them and want to stand out from the other independent labels and give fans just a little bit more, but either way when done right, it can make a lasting impression.  We’re not in the business of  featuring major label act videos flossing tons of jewelry, cars, women and bright lights which took no creativity what so ever to shoot but we are in the business of serving that middle ground of artists that have put together something that actually has a concept to it and doesn’t look like other things.

Today we have 3 new music videos from Calibro 35, Cut Chemist and The Shacks all who have recently dropped new projects and equally deserve your attention. This may not be the MTV era, but if you look deep enough, you’ll find something comparable that will bring you a little nostalgia.