Skin Tight LA Recap

Words can’t express the feeling of being invited to play parties thrown by your peers and DJ associates that respect you and your selection as much as your respect there’s.  It’s never about the “name” but more so knowing that someone is a qualified individual who knows how to play a party and one who will dig deep into their crates to entertain those on the dance floor.  This past Tuesday night I had the pleasure of playing one such party in LA alongside DJ’s Monalisa, Clifton and Danny Holloway at their new night, Skin Tight at The Virgil, no laptops, strictly analog business for that ass. A great night with amazing people who braved what is considered cold for LA to rock with us on the kick off.  Thank you to everyone that came through to get it in on a work night and to those that couldn’t make it out, be sure to stay in the mix of this new monthly party.

Extra special shouts to @mcnastyici snapping the pictures and hold tight as I upload audio recorded live from the night for your listening pleasure!