Alessandro Alessandroni – Lost & Found

The process of discovery is always an interesting one to see what people can come up with while doing so and from time to time the unearthing of gems is what is found at the end of the tunnel.  Four Flies Records has been doing a great job of doing just that, unearthing rare and previously unreleased material sourced from the original masters and pressed to vinyl for music lovers worldwide.  Their series of Alessandro Allessandroni releases have been amazing to date including Lost & Found filled with unreleased soundtrack and library treasures from this Italian maestro.

• Four Flies Records keep on researching Alessandro Alessandroni’s limitless archive, compiling this time an LP of tracks composed between 1972-1978

• All the tracks were previously unreleased and are presented here for the first time – a truly ‘Lost & Found’ treasure that sees the light for the first time!

• After the incredible success of Afro Discoteca (Four Flies Records, 2017), Pierpaolo De Sanctis compiles a 15-tracks LP of forgotten soundtracks and library music treasures from the Italian Maestro

• Jazz, Disco, Electronic music – there’s no genre Alessandroni hasn’t explored – this compilation testifying the incredible diversity of his production and immense musical mind

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