Estrada Orchestra – Pulsar Pt. 1/2

Funk Night Records continues to the push boundaries of sound and what their sound is famously known for which was anything but Jazz. But when stars align and pieces of the puzzle intersect, anything is possible which is the case of their new venture in sound and Jazz series of recordings.  The debut 7″ release with follow up full length LP comes from Estrada Orchestra and one of our favorite modern day composers, Misha Panfilov both who we’ve covered here on Nostalgia King previously. The 45 features the heavy track “Pulsar” pt. 1/2 which is full on jazz, yet funky enough for the dance floor in every way. Recorded live during a single 3 hour session, Vaba is raw, honest and gives the Estrada Orchestra the chance to breathe without sounding “produced”.

Take my advice on this one, the full LP “Vaba” is golden and will be a favorite in your crates for years to come. Available via and for a full stream of the LP head over to