Ximeno Record Club

As artists and creators, we’re always always striving to do something just a little different from our industry peers that makes us not only standout but also hopefully inspires our fellow artists to go the extra mile.  The same holds true for record labels who in 2018 are fighting the good fight and pressing vinyl in an industry thats very pro digital services and music streams.  Ultimately though vinyl is still king and  independent labels know that while DJ’s and music lovers across the globe love that so how does one make the art of collecting vinyl even more special? That’s a simple answer, a record club and Ximeno Records is setting up to change how they get their product in the vinyl loving fans.


Introducing the Ximeno Record Club

Six new Ximeno records are coming in 2018; 300 pressed each, and never in stores.

Ximeno Records was created by two DJ friends: Danny Holloway and Aaron Paar. Over six years, Ximeno reissued a series of ten 45s of obscure tunes originally released outside the U.S.

Each 45 immediately sold out of its initial pressing, and Ximeno soon had a worldwide reputation. Following the initial series—and after much soul searching— the Ximeno heads decided to construct a record club that focuses on exclusivity.

The Ximeno Record Club is limited to 300 members. They will each receive six 45s over the course of a year—two shipments of 3 7″s each—plus an Ximeno Records tee shirt and other surprise gifts. The six 45s are exclusive to the XRC members, and will not be available anywhere else.

Membership closes on April 20th, 2018.

Sign up for the Ximeno Record here https://www.ximenorecords.com