Night Palms LP

I honestly wanted to write something about the new Hobo Camp “Night Palms” LP that sounded so profound that you the reader would have no choice but to understand what I was getting at. But then I realized that the original press release statement from the label would relay the exact description and overall feeling of this project which is a compilation of gems featuring a top notch lineup of artists and producers including Brian Ellis, BOY DUDE, XL Middleton feat. Ghost, Mat/Matix, Moon B, Jomeo Pugz, and Elegant Borzoi. At first listen, it made me want to drive up the coast with the top down on a late night with not another car in sight in straight cruise control.

“Night Palms is the first compilation from Hobo Camp. It explores the vibes of Adult Oriented Rock, G-Funk, Jazz, Boogie, and Soul; synthesizing these genres to a form more loaded and laid-back (perhaps on a careless night time stroll, returning from the dispensary or watering hole, to the jacuzzi, houseboat, or waterbed). A smoother approach to funk, similar in production ethos to many classic G-Funk tracks (where producers created or sampled the smoothest yacht-rock and jazz-funk moments to create bass heavy rap), Night Palms takes it one step further, offering original tracks that return more to the inspiratory sources of G-Funk…sonically and chillingly cruising at the perfect tempo. A vibe perpetuated by perfect night-time temperatures, mist, ocean breeze, the sound of flowing water, and the laid-back grooves that seemingly accompany it under the silhouettes of California Palm.”