Robohands – Green

If you’ve seriously looking at the state of music over the last few years then you will indeed see that incredible Jazz vinyl releases from new heavyweights are on the upswing.  From Estonia to the UK, Finland to Japan, New York to Kansas City and all points in between, artists are recording some of their finest works reminiscent of a time when Jazz was a solid selling genre and hopefully we’ll be seeing that same in the present. Village Life Records who always seems to have a release up their sleeves and ready to make it’s debut sets up their next at to bat home run with their first in the Jazz category release from Robohands. The “Green” LP is 10 cuts of smooth ambient Jazz played by a cast of musicians including Andy Baxter (Robohands) (Drums, Guitar, Bass, Piano and Synths),  Jo Hunter (Tenor Saxophone), Francesca Uberti (vocals on 1 track) and Peter Milanovic (various Bass and Woodwind on 2 tracks).

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