Klaus Layer ft. The Artifacts & Blu – Force

One that that 2017 has left us with that 2018 is carrying on tradition is no shortage of solid boom bap quality Hip Hop tracks from some of our favorite 90’s era acts while sounding pleasantly refreshing in the present. Taking things intercontinental, Berlin’s finest and boom bap specialist on the boards Klaus Layer sets up with his latest release and full length LP “Lost Track” featuring a selection of choice MC’s and leading things off if The Artifacts & Blue featured “Force”.  Primarily known for dropping super official instrumental projects, this is his first producer / MC release and what better way to go about it than enlisting the homies from the wrong side of the tracks!? Consistency is the key and Klaus Layer is not stop with the beats so head over to Redefinition Records to cop that heat https://www.redefinitionrecords.com