Escapism In Taipei Taiwan

One of the most important things for me when traveling is making sure that I visit the places that mean a lot to the locals, define who they are and of course eating where they eat.  Of course you have to fit in a little of the typical touristy shit just for the sake of doing so but the ideal seeing and experience come from the eyes and knowledge of the locals and they know exactly where to go.  While in Taipei I’ve been given the proper tour treatment by the homie Aya who has been taking me across the entire city to experience things like a local. From riding on the back of taxi cab like scooters we dart around the congested streets in true Taipei fashion while pointing out monuments like the first street that was built in Taipei, important temples and a restaurant that he had been eating at since his childhood. Of course when ordering I let him recommend whats good on the menu and go with the flow because I like to experiment and enjoy a surprise every once in a while.