Diggin Atlanta

There’s a certain creative flow that lingers in the air in a handful of cities that embrace art and it’s local artists that help beautify it’s surroundings on both public and private spaces. It’s those cities that are unique in their own way and has outsiders looking in to experience or contribute to it’s landscapes that cover the city.  One of those cities that art is “accepted” is Atlanta, especially in it’s Little Five Points district where art is a primary focus along with cool shops (vintage, records, fashion), restaurants, bars and good people.  Known as very diverse area inhabited by musicians and punks kids, skaters and artists and people who just know whats hip and appreciate surroundings not towered by new condos and real estate development. But Little Five Points isn’t the only place to see art, take a trip to the Ponce City Market, 1/2 mall, 1/2 food court with some amazing non chain restaurants, all local owned and every flavor imaginable. From burgers and Fried Chicken, to bao buns and seafood, Jamaican to Thai,  Moroccan to Japanese, you name it, it’s probably there.  Step out from the mall and you’re right on the beltway which used to be the old railway line turned into an outdoor paradise for joggers, bike riders or people just wanting to go for a stroll and where you’ll see plenty of graffiti covering the underpass of highways and streets.

There’s plenty to see and do in Atlanta which was surprisingly on the cheaper side of things with all the sightseeing and buying from local shops we did.  If you’ve got a weekend to spare and looking to get away, take a trip to Atlanta, but be warned, traffic is not fun!