Good Food and Good Humans (Shibuya)

It feels good to be back in Japan for my Magma Taishi Returns Japan tour and catching up with some of my favorite people for an evening of good music, food, beers and conversation. First up after landing in Tokyo and getting in a much needed nap was meeting with my tour team / Yo! Bros Pro fam, Asami One, Anijha and Panzo  at The Room in Shibuya to check out DJ Lady K drop some AOR joints for the dance floor and enjoy a few drinks. It’s been a solid 16 hours since I’ve had a proper meal so dinner was definitely in order and what better than an assortment of Yakitori at Toritake as recommended by the homie Shoki. Perfect way to start out my tour and a reminder of why I love coming here.

Keep up on further updates and what’s going on in here during the tour.