Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – The Serpent’s Mouth

Last month we dove into the latest 7″ from Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band who always seems to do amazing steel covers to some of our favorite singles.  Big Crown Records is just about all set up to release the groups upcoming full length LP, The Serpent’s Mouth which is packed with 14 serious cuts and taking the term reimagining to another level as with Amerie’s “1 Thing”, Mobb Deep’s “Burn” and the classic J5 breakbeat, “It’s Great To Be Here” amongst the line up.

But the group isn’t all about cover versions, they’re nice in the originals department as well and proves so with cuts like the flute-fueled break-fest of “Hoola Hoop”; the slow and spacey “Touchdown”; and the album’s title track, the future-epic-adventure-movie-soundtrack cut “The Serpent’s Mouth.” Wagner explains,“I wrote the song with Bernhard Hummer as an instrumental fantasy story – think of pirates, smugglers and a dangerously beautiful sea passage towards the island. It became an allegory for our mind travels into the world of the steel pan.”

Available for pre-order now over at