The White Blinds – Get To Steppin’ LP

A few months back, we hipped you to the debut lead single from The White Blinds of from their forthcoming album which will be hitting the record bins in only a few short weeks. As mentioned before, The White Blinds pay homage to the classic soul jazz sound of the 60’s and 70’s with a splash of New Orleans groove and Afro-Funk overtones which means that you’re in for a really funky musical treat in every way. The LA collective of talented musicians went full in on this record which was recorded in a little over two days and direct to 1/4 tape for that authentically warm sound that Jazz is supposed to have. I’ve said it before, jazz musicians are setting the new standard in music pushing the genre forward while preserving the past and it’s artists like The White Blinds that do indeed take the music serious.

Album drops Aug. 31 via