Hanz Mambo & His Cigarettes – Mer Baltique

I’ve always loved artists that work under various non de plume’s to exhibit varying styles of work that become known for something entirely different than what they are known for. Weather it’s a graffiti artist taking on different pen names or in the case of one of the finest composers of modern times, Misha Panfilov recording under one of his signature monikers, the ideas behind the output still comes from the mind of a genius. With the latest release “Mer Baltique” from Hand Mambo & His Cigarettes on Funk Night Records, we catch Misha once again flexing his talents with a sound thats surfy and very fitting of the bands name and what you would envision coming from them.

We’re at a point that we shouldn’t have to influence you to grab a copy of anything that he does but just in case you’re new to Nostalgia King, we highly recommend you adding this to your crates and anything else from the catalog that you can get your hands on.

Available now via https://funknight.bigcartel.com