Editors Pick – Previously Unreleased Top 5

We saw quite a few releases in 2018 that were previously unreleased but someone felt the need to go the extra mile and unearth music that sat untouched on reels locked in the vaults or presumed lost for the last 30+ years. It’s because of these labels that DJ’s and music lovers have great new tunes to throw into rotation and help make these particular artists more of household names that can finally be mentioned in the same conversation as those already known.

Here are out top 5 (in no particular order) of previously unreleased projects that rocked us in 2018.

The Gangsters – Self Titled (Albina Music Trust)

*This might very well be the most essential previously unreleased project of 2018 which really blew our minds.

Bill Brown & The Soul Injection – Time After Time (Super Disco Edits)

*Super Disco Edits is definitely leading the pack with and digs deeper to find dance floor delights.

Mancefield & Brother Man Band (The Preservation Project)

*The Preservation Project opened 2018 on the good foot and closed it out in the same way with several releases with this one taking top billing for us here at Nostalgia King

Crash – Kakadu (Lost Tapes 1977-1978) (Sound By Sound)

*Killer Jazz recorded in Poland between 1977 and 1978 found in the archives of Polskie Radio

Heem The Music Monsters – Keep God On Your Side (Super Disco Edits)

* Super Disco Edits coming with a taste of Heem The Music Monsters out of Philly and a serious slice of Gospel Disco.