Skeme Richards at BierWax (Recap)

Fun times this past Friday night as I made a return to Brooklyn to make my debut at the newly opened record bar, BierWax. Being one who has frequented record bars in Japan, Korea and Germany, it’s great to have something closer to home to get my fix in of two favorite things, beer and vinyl.  The owners have done an amazing job of capturing a great vibe and setting and took great measure in making sure that not only the beer selections are on point, but the musical selections as well with their behind the bar rotations and nightly guest DJ’s. Walking in, I instantly knew that that it was going to be a great night and after seeing a few familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in a while as well as a few that I’ve only interacted with via Instagram.

After selecting my beer of choice and catching up with friends, it was time to drop the needle on the first record and proceed to set the mood while complimenting the beer menu with a selection of 45’s ranging from Jazz to Soul, Afrobeat to Hip Hop and even sweet soul. There’s something about playing the intimate  spots like BierWax where the crowd is cut from a different mode, you can clearly see the heads bopping while making eye contact and getting the thumbs up of approval where you don’t mind customers coming over to you to comment on a song.

If you’re ever in Brooklyn and need a spot to kill a few hours while enjoying brews with a friendly staff and crowd with great music, then BierWax is the spot for you.