M5K – Time 2 Jam

It’s rather crazy to think just how fast time is flying these day with moments all running together seeming almost as if no time has passed at all. Within the last few years there have been plenty of releases dropping that have stayed in our listening rotation changing positions from time to time but still coming back full swing and one of those artists is M5k who back in 2016 released his debut on the Hobo Camp label. Wait, what!? 2016! How is that even possible, it seems like last year we were telling folks how much we loved the album and now here we are giving you the scoop on his upcoming EP, “Time 2 Jam”.

From the cover art alone, you instantly get the Summer time vibes which is definitely the soundscape of the project. M5K delivers a pure sonic affair of drum machine hits and synth lines, evoking a vision of a beach-side urban studio apartment blasting out party jams and smooth tunes from sunrise to sunset and beyond. Fusing equal parts classic electro, boogie-funk, house and R’n’B, M5K re-imagines the best of the 80s and 90s urban club scene using all legit studio equipment from the era, making absolutely sure that the vibe is right, the drums hit hard and crispy and the bass is pumping.

“The One For Me” starts the EP off and instantly gets heads-nodding with its snapping drums, g-funk sub bass and west coast lead line. “Eternally” is hypnotic hip-house class, dipped in a liquid gloss with all the rave-y feels to get the folks moving, grooving, gesturing and voguing. “Time 2 Jam” is an homage to classic 80s electro, dominated by legit 808 programming and synth lines that OGs will have to assume is from the era. “City Vue” squeezes out a nice sticky funk paste with each sustained chord, and features Indonesian guest artist Munir (of Midnight Runners) to contribute his style to the jam. “All About U” bounces, bumps, and slices along with a heavy gangster bass lines appropriate for any lowered ride to cruise along and weave through it’s snappy drums . “Wait Up” is a spacey, sultry, slow g-funk electro, the perfect smooth jam to start or end any rendezvous or journey.