Late Night Cheap Eats

Regardless of where I travel to, after gigs is an important time to fill your stomach with food after filling it with drinks and there is always the late night go to spot that seems to be packed with a crowd. Weather it’s the hearty sit down with a knife and fork or in this case, the stand at the counter ghetto noodle spot. Found off of the Nippori station, this hole in the wall spot known for their soba and tempura is definitely on the ghetto side and is super cheap. I opted for the hot soba noodles with the mix seafood tempura which cost approximately $2.60 which was really good although I’m not sure what seafood was mixed in. I could definitely figure out the scallops and fish but with all the breading, I couldn’t figure the rest but this is why I love taking adventures and experimenting.

The spot holds 4 people standing, about 5 sitting and a few outside sitting on the curb holding bowls eating and usually has a line out of the door so because of that, there’s a time limit on you eating so that they can move people in and out. The type of operation that can’t happen just anywhere but definitely a must try at least once multiple times if your a local.