The Ethiopian Brothers – Ashadwa

When it comes to reissuing or bootlegging a release, we believe in digging extra deep to unearth something that is below the radar of even the deepest diggers in the game which is the case with the new 7″ from The Ethiopian Brothers on the Mushi 45 label. “Ashadwa” parts 1 /2 is a serious slice of Afro-funk that’s ready to melt the dance doors.

“Mushi 45 is keeping tight lipped about the story behind their latest release – so much so, in fact, that we can’t ascertain whether it’s a reissue or a new production. Given the label’s history, we’re thinking the former, though it’s hard to find any reference to the record, the artist or the producer. Either way, the release is fire – a killer chunk of Afro-funk blessed with heavyweight drum breaks, punchy sax solos, celebratory African vocals and super-funky bass. In classic funk style “Ashadwa” is split into two parts; the first boasts chant-along vocals, extended drum breaks and a genuine “party in the studio” vibe, while the second is more instrumental and stripped back with greater use of snaking saxophone solos. In a word: essential.” – Juno