Skeme Richards DJ Workshop (Ethiopia)

For the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of being here in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the NextLevel organization doing DJ workshops with some of the local DJs and producers. During the week long session, we’ve covered various things from blending to scratching, understanding tempo and how songs should sonically match when playing one after the other.  The goal of the workshop is not only to teach technical abilities but also for the group to learn the business side of being a DJ or producer and well as how to put together a bio and network with others to build a strong foundation. So we took an hour out of the classroom to step outside and into the local surroundings to get everyone headshots snapped by NextLevel photographer / videographer, Nikki.

The final project that we needed to put together was a showcase to perform on stage as part of a larger show with MC’s and Dancers who all curated their parts of the 1 1/2hr long show that will be viewed by the government, embassy and local community. It was great to work with the local talent who all seem to really love this culture and are contributing everything that they have to be one with it.