Shit We’re Digging

Although it’s been a strange last two weeks of being in isolation mode from the rest of the outside world, we’ve been keep busy and creative at home doing things that we enjoy while trying to stay away from the madness of social media and the overwhelming influx of content and live feeds thats been bombarding our notifications. Nothing has really changed here at Nostalgia King headquarters though, we’re usually in isolation mode during the day anyway so this is pretty much the norm. While being locked in, we have caught up on a bunch of reading, sorting of records, making mixes and of course soaking in what quality content there is left on the internet to keep us occupied.

So back with an updated “Shit We’re Digging” list, these’s are a few that we’ve been enjoying which might have fallen bellow your radar.

Tarantino’s Reviews – Film lovers love Quentin Tarantino’s New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles and like other businesses, their doors are temporarily closed but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get your film fix. On the New Beverly website, Tarantino writes reviews to some of his favorite films giving you plenty of back information, synopsis and important tidbits that you need to know. His most recent review covers Kung Fu superstar and director, Wang Yu and the films he’s starred in as well as directed. Tarantino covers everything genre on 35mm that you would expect him to be into.

Mayer Hawthorne & Cut Chemist’s Live Streams – Live streams have gone buck wild with every DJ (including those who aren’t DJ’s) standing in their living rooms playing music for an audience. I’ve tried to give a bunch of streams at least 5 mins of time but quite honestly couldn’t make it past that. Why you ask? Well being a music lover and a DJ who doesn’t have to play “the hits” or club classics, it’s hard to hear DJ’s play the basics especially when there’s no cover charge and you’re streaming from the comfort of your own home. DJ’s biggest complaint is usually that they “have” to play what the club audience wants to keep a job which is all the more reason to play left field when streaming which is why both Mayer Hawthorne and Cut Chemist’s live streams are amazing. Hawthornes Wine & Vinyl is a 1hr mix from his living room with only 1 turntable where he pulls records from shelves and gives a brief description of each while sipping wine and talking to the camera. Deep cuts from Soul to Bollywood, Soundtracks to Psych and everything in between. Cut Chemist on the other hand broadcasts from his kitchen by candlelight also with only 1 turntable with each broadcast being a different theme. Whats great about Cut’s is that it’s about the music. The only part of him that’s in the camera is his arms changing the records. Most people are fixated watching the DJ “perform” while these guys just give you great music.

*extra credit mention to deep record head Rev Shines who does his Good News Daily live stream. Another must tune in as you never know whats going to be pulled from his crates. All 3 of these streams are the perfect length as to not be bored and you get the proper music nourishment so that you can carry on with the rest of the day without looking at your computer screen all day long.

Picard – Yes, I love Star Trek and the new Picard series is the perfect viewing for a sci-fi geeks like us. Capturing all of the elements that made us love the series in the first place, mixed with new angles, stories and plenty of action, Picard is what we would’ve wanted to see on TV before all of these specialized streaming services began.