What Now? On IG Live With Pay Fresh

A lot of people have asked if I’d be doing a an IG Live DJ set and honestly, with the amount of projects that I’m presently working on, I don’t really have time to devote to doing. What I will be doing on IG Live that I feel is even more important than doing a DJ set is being a guest on What Now? hosted by Pay Fresh.  On this episode of What Now? will be centered around motivational relief for creatives which is very important during this time where we’re experience social isolation. As DJ’s especially, we rely on gigs and just like every other artist or 9 to 5’er, those gigs have all ended so what now? How to you stay active and motivated during this time?

Tune in tomorrow (Sunday) at 2pm EST via our IG accounts @payfresh and @skemerichards to see whats we’ve got cooking.