The Sleeve Factor

Whenever I hit a creative roadblock, I usually try to do something a bit more relaxing like taking a stroll around the block or something more tedious that turns into more of a project than I was looking to do like reorganizing records. But today I’ve seemed to have taken a left turn somewhere off of the freeway and decided to go through empty sleeves and match them to the coordinating record. Was it out of sheer boredom, the need to rejoin records and sleeves that were separated during gigs or the long time thought of knowing this was something that had gone incomplete for years and kept getting pushed to the back burner? Regardless of the above reasoning, it reminded me that there were quite a few sleeves that have eluded me over the years which I needed to fill or add to the collection. One can never have enough of certain labels but one can surely have too few of necessary ones or those that have been in question if branded sleeves were even made. Regardless, the can of worms has been opened and I’ve already sent messages to fellow record heads about certain ones that they may have extras of or knowledge if others that I’ve never seen in the field.

We all have certain fetishes when it comes to collecting or completing a task, what’s yours?