Bandler Ching – Sub Surface

Hailing from Brussels, Bandler Ching is a creation of musical ideas from composer and saxophonist Ambroos De Schepper. Flawlessly blending contemporary jazz, electronics, hip-hop, noise and global beats, the sound is based around the freedom of expression and improvisation and performed with dazzling conviction.

Set for release on 23rd October via Sdban Ultra, debut EP ‘Sub Surface’ is an exhilarating fusion of frenetic grooves and innovative soundscapes. With compositions often based around a single propulsive drum rhythm, each instrument is allowed to take centre stage floating from one extreme to the other and never settles on one particular genre.

And therein lies the impulsive beauty of Bandler Ching. De Schepper’s compositions are performed without border – mischievous, dynamic and unpredictable at the same time.

Debut single ‘Pousmousse’ rolls along on a loose beat as the magnetism of the saxophone and the delirious keys captivate and beguile with each note while the eccentric ‘Opalescent’ is a rich cataclysm of sound and rhythm.

“We start from Jazz and we give it our own attitude. All four of us studied Jazz at the conservatory. That’s where we got to know each other. We supplement the Jazz with improvisation and a lot of freedom to eventually mix it with influences from electronics and hip-hop. Actually, there is a lot in our music. Sometimes we even create a ‘dub Groove’,” says De Schepper.