Everyone once in a while something very unexpected shows up in the post that has your full attention and curiosity until the moment when you drop the needle down and immerse yourself fully into the recording. That’s exactly the moment that I discovered the world of “Velour”, the new Jazz LP by by the four piece band with a warm, dreamy and moody sound that blends dirty drums, off-kilter vocals, and beats drawn from hip-hop and genres originating in the southern hemisphere.

Recently teaming up with WOLF Music and releasing a 7″ featuring “Pose”, they’ve since released a full length self titled LP that dives even deeper into their sound. “Easy rider, come and take me higher”. When the world seemingly crumbles around, music can provide an escape few other mediums can. For their debut self-titled LP, Velour effortlessly levitate you above the madness below, each track taking a new turn, cruising over hazy flecked skylines, bustling walkways and bleary eyed bedlam. A trajectory that takes in all of jazz’s vibrancies, blending elements of neo soul, broken beat and hip hop coupled with a much-needed sense of hope across nine deep, soul-searching tracks.

I think it’s safe to say that Velour is onto something and very much deserves repeat listens to fully enjoy and taking in all of the magical goodness.