Professor950 – Dead Astronauts of the Moon Pyramid

The homie Professor950 always seems to have something going on with his projects and creative output. Whether it’s his limited edition Zines on his Ghost Jazz Books imprint or heavy Hip Hop beat tapes via Ghost Jazz Tapes, there’s always something to be in the know of. One release that should be on your radar is his, “Dead Astronauts of the Moon Pyramid” that’s been making the rounds and it’s another one for the daily rotation and to kick off the long weekend ahead.

“The first astronauts to land on the moon discover an ancient pyramid. When they steal a mummy and get lost in the caverns beneath the moon’s surface , they find that their problems are just beginning……”

The link here is for the digital version but be sure to hit him up at @theprofessor950 for the cassette for your collection, @ghostjazztapes for previous releases and @ghostjazzbooks for the light reading.