Bronx Slang – Copy That

A few weeks back we shared to the Bronx Slang “The Bronx Kill” Mixtape which has been keeping us holding on until we could get more new matter from the duo which we didn’t have to wait long at all. Coming in ahead of 2021’s LP released, Jerry Beeks and Ollie Miggs drop a fresh new single for the gritty coptastic title track, “Copy That”.

Stomping the streets as barbed wire strings go for jugulars and guitar charges from Fake Blood start polishing steel toe caps, Bronx Slang – “impatiently patient from years of pounding the pavement” – won’t tell you twice on ‘Copy That’.

Rattling radios with a megaphone-ready hook, Jerry Beeks and Miggs’ are hard targets articulating how to live in 2020. Ravenous on the mic, a dash of their trademark namedrops end up empathising “when the easy way out is getting harder to take”. Bronx Slang, over and out.