Segundo Principio – Samy

Social media when used correctly can connect you to some truly great things and without the ability to travel and discover, it’s great to be able to discover new things that have a way of finding you. I recently got hipped to the Buenos Aires band, Segundo Principio via and instantly clicked on their link and was pleasantly surprised to hear the sounds that poured through the speakers.

The 3-piece band from Argentina is comprised of Abigail Rozenblit on piano, Leandro Provera on bass and Paula Guillén on drums whose taste in music is diverse and has deep influences in Psych, Jazz, Neo Soul, R&B and world music, creating a novel and unique language of their own. Their singular style merges dreamy and hypnotic atmospheres with strong rhythm and meter changes.

Music is still the greatest language and Segundo Principio definitely speaks to me.