Other Mirror – More Alive

It’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with all of the releases that’s happening these days yet we always seem to be hipped and in the know of anything essential that needs to find it’s way into your rotation ASAP. The latest make it’s debut rotation into our daily listening is the new “More Alvie” album by Other Mirror. Comprised of a well rounded group of talented individuals including Johnny Cuba (Soundsci), vocalist Amelie Chevalier and multi-instrumentalist James Tilley, the trio are set to really expand your listening experience and open your ears with an amazing full length.

Soulful and very cinematic with a touch of psych’d out jazz elements, “More Alive” is something that we really haven’t heard done like this before. It’s a beautiful culmination of vibes and sounds that really piques our senses as if we’re standing on the highest mountain, looking over the world and shouting, this is amazing!

Available now via King Underground https://kingunderground.com