Comic Relief With Guest Skeme Richards

During this time of the pandemic, there’s been a lot of scenes and people connecting and I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing folks that are into a lot of cool shit. One of the things that have really been exploding for me during that time is meeting other comic collectors across the globe and joining a community of folks that enjoy showcasing and discussing their collections and love of comics. Via the homie iDstroy’s Showoff Your Gems show, I was introduced to fellow heavyweight collector, Morbius @morbiuscomics who recently started a YouTube show along with another heavy collector, Justin @knowgoodcomics called ‘Comic Relief’ where they discuss various topics and happenings in the industry.

Tonight I have the pleasure and honor of joining the duo on their Youtube channel to discuss the topic of collecting Newsstand vs Direct Edition books. Of course drink of choice will be in hand and plenty of laughs will be had so be sure to tune in tonight at 7:30pm EST at