Diggin’ Orlando

Prior to last months trips to San Diego and then Los Angeles, it had been a minute since I’ve jumped on a flight to do a little digging but that seems to be happening a bit more often these days which is more than alright with me. This past weekend while in Orlando working with Red Bull for their BC One event, I took the opportunity to of course get in some digging during my down time.

After landing on Thursday it was straight to the hotel to drop off my backs then summon a LYFT like it was a magic carpet to hit the first handful of comic and record shops to see what the city had in store. Let’s just say that if Thursday was any indication of what I had to expect then I was in for a treat. After spending about 4 hours between shops and travel time, it was time to settle back at the hotel to chill and go through the finds of the day.

The big day though was Saturday because I had much more time to explore so I wasn’t trying to waste a minute and with the first shop opening at 10:30, I made sure my start time was at 10am to head out. 6hrs in, multiple shops, driving in weekend traffic and of course fighting the Orlando heat, it wasn’t until my stomach started rumbling like an 808 bass that I realized that I hadn’t even eaten yet. It’s easy to get caught up on the hunt and neglect feeding yourself but knowing I needed to keep it moving and hit these shots was heavy on my mind. Luckily right next door to the final shop was the DOG HOUSE where I kept it simple with an all beef dog, relish and mustard with a side of tots, classic and simple.

All and all, a great weekend of hitting the shops, buying everything under Discogs and secondary market prices and the joy of hitting brick and mortar shops never gets old. Orlando, you were great, I’ll definitely see you again!