Diggin VHS – Kung Fu Movie Collectors Club

I recently collaborated with 36 Styles on a new line of apparel geared towards film lovers especially in the Martial Arts genre titled “Kung Fu Movie Collectors Club”. 36 Styles have been designing shirts based off of classic Kung Fu films for years and being that I’m a Kung Fu film lover, it was a no brainer to try and connect the dots between my Nostalgia King brand and theirs.

The first shirt features some of my favorite Kung Fu VHS tapes in the collection so I figured I should at least give some context on each of the tapes and how they were obtained and made their way into my collection. As a DJ and collector, digging is what I do and having the opportunity to travel and be on the hunt for things wherever I land is always fun.

Head over to 36 Styles https://www.36styles.com/diggin-vhs/ to get the scoop on where in the world I find the the tapes featured on the shirt.