Take A Break, Breathe, Take In The Views

With the fall season here and winter time right around the corner I’m trying to take in as much of the outside world while home as possible. But sometimes aI have to remember to come up for air every once in a while and hydrate. I can stay locked in the lab for hours on hours working projects with no problem. Some people say workin that much isn’t healthy but when you love what you do and still your rest in, it’s cool in my opinion, plus it’s keeping me feeling young.

Yesterday was one of those days that I realized that I hadn’t seen natural sunlight in quite sometime and had been in the lab since 9am (now 5pm) working on a couple of mixes and releases, doing some writing for an upcoming magazine article and locking down a few other things.

Felt good to pop my head up to smell the fresh air, take in the sights before descending back into the lab to get lost in creativity. Remember, health is wealth so be sure to not get too consumed with what you’re focused on.