Preservation Project – Master Series: Three

The Preservation Project continues to dig deep into the tapes and unearth some of the most amazing music that never saw the light of day and we’re excited that they go through the painstaking process of doing so for music lovers worldwide. Their latest is a Bay Area sure shot and one that’s right up our alley and checks all of the boxes on what makes a funk 45.

“For the third installment of our Master Series we present a heavy slice of early 70s Psychedelic Deep Funk from the Bay Area. Hard to miss the massive wah-wah guitar leads, but the arrangement is pretty complex with piano, bass, and strings backing the earnest vocals.”

“There are breaks on both sides, parts one and two. The first break is a string break, very unique to a Funk record. But, somehow this fits for a Bay Area Funk record. The break in part two is one of the heaviest drum breaks no one has heard in 50 years.”

In this latest master series their are 3 options of limited editions to choose from, the silver vinyl pressing, the test press copies and a very limited special upgrade option for this release: choose to get MS-003 in a one of a kind, hand-painted sleeve by the legendary McBoing Boing. Only 12 completely unique sleeves were hand painted by the man himself.

Head over to for the soundclips and to grab copies of this limited edition gem!