The Road To Richmond (Part 1)

Travel by train is my absolute favorite, especially in Europe and Japan and this weekends trip to Richmond reminded me of such. Plus when there are records at the end of the rainbow, it’s a win win for me and the experience is priceless. ¬†Sure I could’ve gone to the airport 2 hours before and dealt with security and crowds for an hour flight or I could just take the 5hr ride by rail through Delaware, maryland and Virginia while stretching out and relaxing, enjoy my favorite snacks while taking in the scenic views while comfortable in the quiet car.

Taking the train is very nostalgic for me and remember doing it every year as a kid when we would visit family down south taking the 12hr overnight train. Of course having one of my favorite magazines is in order with MAD that I picked up at the stations newsstand plus snacks to go along for the journey make it complete. It’s been a minute since I’ve done a long distance train ride but this weekend was pure joy as I headed to Richmond for the CRATES Record Show.

Stay tuned for more of the weekends adventure!