Shawn Lee & Misha Panfilov – Space & Tempo

What do you get when you have two of the finest minds in music, amazing composers and multi-instrumentalists working together to bring and explosion of sound? The new LP “Space & Tempo” from the tag team duo of Shawn Lee and Misha Panfilov which is a fuel filled, combustible soundscape of energy that tickles the ear drum and audible senses way beyond the norm.

Both Shawn Lee and Misha Panfilov have incredible bodies of work that they’ve turned out over the years which makes absolute sense that they would combine forces and follow up their 2020 LP, “Paradise Cove” with something new coming out of the last two years of pandemic. As always, Funk Night has it’s ear to the pulse of what’s going on which makes this a fitting label for the release which by the way is up for pre-order now!