Justo The MC & Remulak – Knockturnal

Mic check 1,2,1,2… Is this thing on!? Right about now for you and yours it’s the upcoming LP, “Knockturnal” by Justo The MC & Remulak. Continuing to prove why he’s one of our favorite producers here at Nostalgia King, Remulak has concocted another sure shot alongside Justo The MC who comes absolutely correct in thoroughbred fashion as an MC should.

Coming in at a proper 11 cut tracklist, Knockturnal features guest appearances from Van Ward, DJ Jazz T, DJ Madhandz, Don Casper & Eddie Skratch. We love that Village Live sticks to the script when releasing quality Hip Hop albums, consistency is key and you can never go wrong with anything from their catalog of great producer or full on rap related albums.

Cop the drop now!