Sven Wunder – Sun Kissed

Amazing new and upcoming 45 from Sven Wunder with more beautiful sounds and instrumentation as only they can deliver. Since their initial LP, Sven Wunder has literally wondered the world and ears across the globe with their take on music and compositions with the new “Sun Kissed” absolutely taking the cake. If you listen closely you’ll know exactly where the inspiration from when recording it but making it their own with the Sven Wunder sound.

The long dusks of summer can give you a fleeting glimpse of eternity with the happy reminiscence of life that is beginning over again. The sunshine opens a door that lets you out into a world scented of roses and with a great burst of leaves growing on the trees. Everything is on pause and yet happens at the same time.

”Sun-Kissed”, an uplifting mid-tempo number with a ’pop’ rhythm featuring brass and woodwind flavoured with sitar and a soulful feel throughout, celebrates the feeling of ease when the sun is warming your skin, a feeling that is unlike any other sensation a human being can experience.