Digging Live Convention ’22

Back from celebrating my birthday weekend in Toronto at this years Live Convention which was a much needed return for everyone in attendance that made the trip from the East to West Coasts by planes, trains and automobiles. After not having the weekender the last 2 years due to the obvious pandemic reasons, this year didn’t miss a step and felt so perfect in every way. As usual, the programing was top notch starting out with the 45 Kings party on Friday night with the UK’s DJ Mr. Thing, Skratch Bastid and myself going in extra heavy to set the tone for the weekends festivities with some of the deepest and funkiest cuts. Going set for set then following up with a 3 for 3 back to back session until almost 4:30am, this was truly a night of 45 action to be remembered.

Saturday obviously was a late start for most after being out all night but when there’s records to be had, it’s up and at ’em which is what most in town did. Between heading out to dig at local record shops including Kops Records, Cosmos and Play De Record or catching dealers at their Airbnb spots, the city was full of diggers and record lovers scoring gems to bring home. Saturday evening featuring an amazing and knowledge filled talked with none other than producer Rashad Ringo Smith (Tumblin’ Dice) who has an incredible catalog of producing under his belt from some of your favorite artists. The talk was held at Collective which was absolutely the perfect space and conducted by Arcee and Jake One who got deep into Rashad’s history of production, industry stories and records sampled for some of the greatest Hip Hop records ever by ATCQ, Busta Rhymes and more.

Later that night I had an impromptu invite to play at DJ Nico’s “With It” 60’s soul party held at The Piston alongside DJ’s Aloha Cbus, Trueskills and DJ Nico herself for a fun night of great records and dance floor filled with people. This was just what I needed on a Saturday night to set me up for what was to come on Sunday morning, the Cratery Record Exchange!

Back where it all began in 2016, the Cratery Record Exchange once again featured some of the best record dealers who brought out something to fit everyones budget and taste in genres which sent everyone home with stacks of choice selections. Having a properly curated list of dealers is without a doubt the best way to do a show and it really made it feel special and like a family reunion of both dealers and sellers alike. In attendance was a who’s who of both and it really felt great to be amongst everyone talking about records, their latest finds, sharing information and knowledge and of course geeking over things that are on want lists or never see before pieces. Let it be known, Cratery Record Exchange is the Roosevelt show for this era!

As with every Cratery Record Exchange, the exclusive merch on sale is gold and this year had some must have gems including a 45 featuring two of Rashad Ringo Smith’s Busta Rhymes produced tracks, mixtapes by Double Peas and DJ Mr. Thing and of course the official Cratery t-shirt.

Rounding out the weekend on Sunday night was honestly the perfect way to do it at Little Jerry’s for Work It Out featuring Double Peas, Jonathan Kirby, Ms. Move On Up and Memphis Jones who all dropped choice selections to compliment the amazing sound system and rotary mixer at this stylish and dimly lit record bar. Each DJ had both non record collectors and collectors alike in awe hearing some of the rarest tunes being played while sipping cocktails. Talk about setting standards on how to do a closing party!

If you’re not in the know, now you are! Live Convention is the place to be and if 2022 is any indication of where it’s headed, then you need to get on board for 2023 because it’s going to be another stellar weekend.