Sven Wunder – Jazz At Midnight b/w Stars Align

“As the day fades, darkness falls like a blanket covering the sky. It can take us back to our happy place, where we can find ease in a fast-moving world. It’s nighttime and the darkest time of the year. This is when stars align and dreams come true.”

Sven Wunder once again returns with a slice of magic and a seasonal outing that fits the weather and surroundings that compliments the very change of time and shortened days. Setting forth with a pair of beautifully composed jazz selections “Jazz At Midnight” b/w “Stars Align” creates the perfect marriage of peace and harmony that puts all at ease in a world that’s extremely chaotic at the moment. Sven Wunder has really tapped into who they are and have created some of the most amazing music which will surely be future digs of tomorrow for those that slept today.

As with previous Sven Wunder releases, this is highly recommended and should find it’s way into your crate essentials immediately.