Digging (New) Deep Funk

Dropping another volume of my direct to cassette limited dub tape on January 2, 2023! I originally anted to drop it when I wrote the article “Skeme Richards Digs The Deep Funk – Nu Funk Era” for Disco Patrick’s Hot Stuff Magazine earlier this year but timing wouldn’t allow me to record the set.

But what better time to revisit the late 90s – early 2000’s era when 45’s weren’t a trend amongst DJ’s and the only DJ’s playing them for the most part were Funk & Soul DJ’s. A Time where there were a handful of labels and bands that were releasing that raw funk & soul sound that was reminiscent of the 1970’s basement studio sounds. Many of those labels and artists have since become popular globally.

With previous volumes of my direct to cassette series, only 25 copies will be dubbed and available right here on Nostalgia King on January 2 at 12pm EST.